Our website is not quite finished yet. Please bear with us as we add more features and update our pages to improve the site.

Do you accept rush jobs?

To put it simply, yes we do. Higher rates will most likely be charged.


What is your work philosophy?



What are the services you provide?

We offer web design, print design, logo design, stationery design, and more. We can even help you setup your home or business office(as long as we have an employee near you).


How did you get started?

McKenna Interactive Design Studio started based on the dream of a teen who wanted to offer a quality service to the world, where they wouldn't be overcharged. Our founder Gabriel McKenna wants to make the web a better place for everyone, with friendly modern sites.


How can I contact you?

You can contact us by visiting our contact page.


What are your rates?

Average rates seem to be around $20 an hour, but this does vary depending on the job and time you need it by. Ocasionally we also offer discounts to previous customers and to new customers through e-mail or our Facebook page.